On Saturday, June 25, we gathered again at eight in the evening for the traditional Evening in the Village event. Despite the small number of visitors, we all enjoyed listening to different artists.

After the introductory greeting of the president of the society Lojze Senčar, we were first delighted by our youngest Krheljčki, who sang a varied repertoire under the direction of Petra Jakob Merljak and accompanied by guitar Miha Merljak.

We then listened to a group of sisters Katarina Bambič and Ana Gerkman from Mali Ločnik, they sing also in the church choir, accordionist Miha Padar from Smrjenje and guitarist, our member Marko Šavli. They called themselves the Quartet of Friends for the occasion. First, they chose a song by the composer and lyricist Marija Ahačič Pollak, Tečejo nitke življenja (The threads of life are flowing), which she also sang many years ago, then they played and sang some of the famous Slak's and Avsenik's.

In the meantime, the president of TD Turjak Danijela Gruden read the author's poems of the villager Nataša Klinc, dedicated mostly to nature and the homeland.

Also this year the mayor Tadej Malovrh came to us, who again praised the members of the association for reviving the beautiful tradition. He also mentioned, of course, the holiday of our homeland, and with his friends he sang Avsenik's song Slovenija, od kod lepote tvoje (Slovenia, from where is your beauty).

After the official work, the accordion was also received by son-in-law from house Andraž Rostohar, who was joined by Danijela Gruden. Among the vibes they played was, among other things, the eternal Golica. Socializing and singing also continued between the tables, when friends complemented the performance with some national and Dalmatian songs.


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