An exhibition of paintings by members of the Painter's society Ljubljana and amateur local painters, created at our Celebration of Spring event, ended on 29 May at Turjak Castle.

The Painter's society Ljubljana usually organizes a painting colony at this event every year (during the epidemic at the Dried Fruit Festival), as they always find interesting new motifs in our village.

At the opening of the exhibition on May 9 at Turjak Castle, the president of our association, Lojze Senčar, first addressed the audience. Amateur painter, writer and member of our society Nada Petrovič read some of her songs (about the snail, Tell my horses, Children), and our youngest village vocalists Krheljčki sang two songs Bells and Frogs had a wedding.

The painter Milan Šubic emphasized that in the village of Gradež he has a long-standing friendship with wonderful people. In addition, the year on our fruit dryer (1938) is also the year of his birth. At the same time, he added that despite many years of operation (52 years), the association still does not have the opportunity for a permanent exhibition. The president of our association wished him a place for their works of art in Ljubljana as soon as possible.