45.879836, 14.624585

Ali veste, zakaj pri nas posušeno sadje ni lepe svetle barve, ampak potemni? Ker je ekološko sušeno na tradicionalen način, brez škodljivih dodatkov!

45.879836, 14.624585

Do you know why our dried fruit doesn't have a bright colour but instead looks dark? Because it is dried ecologically in a traditional way without harmful additives!


In Zabukovec's hayrack you can have a look at a museum of old tools and equipment.

Have you ever heard the sound of a wash rack, a saw, a rake, a flax comb, a bucket and a base pot?


Marij (Julij) Kogoj, Slovene composer (September 20th 1892 - Trieste, February 25th 1956 – Ljubljana)


It was built in 1839, as it is marked inside, but there is 1856 written on its facade.


It was built in the 18th century.


It is 250 years old.


At the entrance to the village there stands a small chapel from the year 1882, it was renovated in 1935 when it also got a new statuette of Mary with Jesus.


Near several houses there are preserved wells on display, some of them are renovated.


Zore's beehouse continues the tradition of beekeeping in Gradež

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