On the 27th October 2017, in a TV programme Alpe-Donava-Jadran on Slovenia 1, a Slovene national television channel, there was a presentation of our fruit drying house and was also translated into German and presented on TV Bavaria on the 5th November.

The host on the Slovene National Television Magda Lapajne came to Gradež on 2nd October and prepared a report about our fruit drying house, whose 80th anniversary will be celebrated next year. Members of our association, Joži Zabukovec, Andrej Jakob, Janez and Marinka Petelin, Jana Feguš and Slavka Virant showed a whole procedure – from the preparation and cutting of the fruit, to placing wood in the stove, to mixing and sorting the fruit while it is drying and picking and packing of the dried fruit. Joži and Andrej also explained some other important details about this activity, such as how the stove works and how different varieties of fruit are dried. A traditional dish made by Marinka, a millet mash with dried prunes, was made at the end.

Besides the work in the drying house, the cameraman also filmed some scenes in the village. This report was shown in a TV programme Alpe-Donava-Jadran (Alps-Danube-Adria) and can be seen on the internet page of RTV SLO 4D. By clicking on this link: http://www.br.de/br-fernsehen/sendungen/alpen-donau-adria/alpen-donau-adria114.html you will be able to see the report made by TV Bavaria, which was on air on the 5th November.